UI Design Concept for smart home management app for tablet & phone

The Challenge

SmartLight is a cross platform smart home management systems, that allows multiple users to sign in and adjust devices` settings from one place. The main feature is creating different system scenarios, for example, "Evening" scenario, with low lighting settings, or "Leave Home" scenario, where the system is shutting down when family members are leaving their home in the morning.

This project is a part of my UI course study - the goal was to create user interface based on the brand`s logo and UX screens.

The Solution

After analyzing the logo design, I came up with the list of features, that I want to highlight in UI:

Playfulness - the logo looks like a toy, because of rounded corners, dots and bright and colorful palette.Use of gradient - the gradient in the logo is very eye catching and attractive, I wanted to use it in some of the design elements, to make them "stand out" from the rest.

Rounded corners - I tried to express this feature of logo design in my font choice. I tried many fonts and choose "Quicksand" - rounded, sans-serif font.

The right and precise choice of icons was a biggest challenge for me in this project. I tried few sets of icons before I came up with the final design.
The icons I used are from Flaticon.

Company Logo

UI Kit


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