AfterBirth App

UX Design Concept for mobile app

The Challenge

During the user research, I noticed that every mother wants to get help with food or house cleaning, but very often mothers are too afraid to ask their friends or family. The app can make the experience of asking for help easy, fast, and comfortable.

The Solution

The app allows mothers to ask for help by answering a short questionnaire about their special diets and allergies, without any third party involved. For volunteers, the app helps to organize their schedules and quickly access mothers` details.


According to the studies that I`ve read, Postpartum depression (PPD) affects up to 15% of mothers. Many of them go to their physician to get the right treatment and medicine, but very often PPD is underdiagnosed.

Primary Use Case

Competitors Analysis

There are few applications for ordering food online, one of them is a marketplace that connects people who love to cook with those who want to buy homemade food. The main disadvantage is the price - it`s not a volunteering application.

It`s free and members can create local communities and share with each other, organize offline events, and mothers can tell what food they are eating and volunteers will consider their allergies and diets. The problem in groups is that it requires additional volunteers, who will connect two sides - those who  are cooking and mothers; In addition, scheduling is done in comments to posts, which makes it very  complicated to follow after it.

I also reviewed an app called “Jama”, which suggests training, articles, and online events for mothers. The main idea of the app - to make a mother`s life with a newborn easier, it has a very comfortable and inviting user interface. For now, it has no features of volunteering.

Operational Concept

The main goal of the app is to connect between mothers and volunteers automatically, so the first thing user needs to do is registration as a mother or as a volunteer. Mother should answer more questions, in order to inform volunteers about number of family members, allergies, special diets.

The second thing is to allow easy access for volunteering schedule both for mother and volunteer, to view and change it. It can be presented as a list or as a calendar.

User Flow

I created three primary flows - mother onboarding, volunteer onboarding and main flow.

Volunteer onboarding is short and leads to home page, where everyone can post questions, news and announcements.

Mother onboarding is longer, because volunteers need to know about her allergies, diets and number of family members. In addition, mother has to fill the information about her children, to check if she can get help - the criteria for help with cooking is first six months after giving birth, during 30 days since the first volunteer starts to cook (based on Facebook community rules for mothers and volunteers).

The main flow shows the process of signing in for help for mother, from getting notification at home screen to arranging food delivery with mother in the "Messages" tab.

Onboarding diagram

Main Flow - volunteer


Volunteer registration is short and simple - I decided to make the sign up process for volunteers as short as possible, to encourage them and avoid cognitive overload. The main question for volunteer is the question about special diets - according to user research, it`s critical that volunteer and mother will match on it.

It`s especially important for religious mothers, who eat only Kosher food.

Mother registration includes detailed questionnaire - volunteer needs to know about her allergies and number of family members, age of the older children in order to plan the menu for the mother and her family.

After the sign up process, volunteer and mother can go to the home page - location based community group, where users can share their knowledge, ask for help and get support.

When the app engine finds the match between mother and volunteer, volunteer gets notification.
By pressing this notification, they can go to the page with mother details, and, if they want to help, they can start "sign up for help" process - volunteer is asked to choose the dates, in which they can deliver the food.

When the process is finished, volunteer`s calendar is updated. All the information about the dates, mothers, and other necessary info is saved in the calendar. Volunteer can text to mother or update and cancel the volunteering activities from this page. Calendar can be presented in two ways: calendar view and a list (Agenda).Mother has exactly the same Calendar page on her app.

UI Screens

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